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Continuing Education Institute - Dental Courses
Course Outline:
Implantology congress postgraduate courses implants.

Identifying vital structures
Socket grafting
Bone physiology
Diagonisis and treatment planning
Bone preparation
Restorative options
Radiographic interpretation
Atraumatic extraction
How to profit from extraction sites
Implant placement
Implant uncovering




Implantology courses postgraduate dentists.

Dental implants courses in congress.

Implantology Seminars - Implants Courses
Keys to esthetic and functional results:
Restorative option and post-op considerations
Hands On:
Simplified abutment selection
Courses for dental implants implantology congress postgraduates.
Implant placement on anatomically correct models
Temporary fabrication
Whats covered in the course:
Diagnosis and treatment planning
Single tooth replacement - Posterior
Anatomical considerations, including soft and hard tissue
Radiographic interpretation
Single tooth replacement - Anterior
Inmediate extraction y replacement
Implant protocols




Dental implants implantology postgraduate courses. Implantology courses dental implants in postgraduate.

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