Grafts capillaries balding hair by hair implants for aesthetic. Baldness by dental implants capillaries hair grafts dental implants hair by hair.
Implants hair for baldness in men hair aesthetic hair plastic tooth plastic surgery for men.

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Implants hair capillaries implants capillaries hair.  
Aesthetic dental surgery and dental implants.
hair implants
Grafts capillaries with surgery for baldness.
hair implants
Capillary Implants Post-Operatory
  • Consults us on dental surgery and dental aesthetics with implants.
  • Capillary implant or hair implant surgery recovery is quick and normal activities can be resumed two days after graft operation or capillary cosmetic surgery, results being visible 8 weeks later, when a constant hair growth of 1 cm is seen per month, according to hair implants growth cycle. This surgery helps to counteract baldness problems, filling all empty hairless spaces with hair implants or capillary implants through surgery.
  • Surgery aesthetics graft surgery hair aesthetics dental surgery.







Implants capillaries with surgery and hair transplant.
capillary implants

Hair implants and implants capillaries for baldness.
capillary implants
Capillary Implants for Baldness
  • Capillary implants or hair implants are ambulatory procedures, under local anesthesia with mild sedation, where the quantity of hairs implanted may depend on the patient’s capillary density by cm2.
    Cosmetic surgery for hair implants or hair implants for baldness problems, consists of the transplant of hairs (or follicular units) in an area with no receptors causing loss in androgenetic alopecy such as the back of the neck, towards front areas where there are different degrees of alopecy or baldness.





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Implants hair by hair capillaries dental implants hair by hair implants capillaries baldness surgery aesthetics of dental surgery hair grafts of hair for baldness. Surgery aesthetics for baldness hair grafts for dental aesthetics.