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Mammary reduction reduction of breasts bosoms chests surgery of breasts chests bosoms for mammary aesthetics.  
Reduction of large breasts and aesthetics breasts with surgery.
breast reduction

Reduction breast surgery for breast for large breasts.
breast reduction

Mammary reduction
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Results from mammary reduction in men persist in time if an excessive increase in breast weight does not occur. Men mammary cosmetic surgery for men for bust in men for big chests.
  • Mammary reduction
  • Bosom reduction
  • Breast reduction






Reduction breast for men with large breasts.
mammary reduction

Reduction of sinus surgery with aesthetics of the bust.
mammary reduction

Mammary reduction for gynecomasty
Breast surgery is performed under local anesthesia with sedation and takes approximately an hour and a half. Mammary reduction post-operatory requires local compression by means of an elastic vest on breasts for a couple of weeks.

Gynecomasty or mammary augmentation in men is the consequence from an abnormal increase in mammary gland or breast fat tissue volume.

In the first case of large breast reduction surgery in men, treatment consists in surgical removal of mammary tissue through a periareolar incision, as used in women breast implant placement. 

In cases of pseudo-gynecomasty or fat mammary gynecomasty in men, treatment is basically through liposuction by means of very small incisions in breasts.


Nose operation of chests bust big bosoms cosmetic surgery of reduction of breasts nose mammary operation in men.

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Reduction of big breasts chests bosoms in men cosmetic surgery of mammary reduction for chests bosoms big breasts aesthetics in men with mammary surgery of mammary reduction chests bust bosoms you suck. Bust in men cosmetic surgery for big busts.