Surgery elevation of breasts bosoms implant of silicones. Chests bosoms implant of silicones for aesthetics in breasts silicones implant bosoms.
Silicones surgery elevation implant aesthetic reduction increase of bosoms reduction of chests increase of breasts.

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Implants of silicones for breasts bosoms chests silicones implants in bosoms chests you suck.  
Silicone implants for breast and elevation.
silicone implants

Surgery for aesthetics elevation of breasts.
silicone implants

Breast lifting
  • Silicone implant surgery is carried out under local anesthesia with sedation or under general anesthesia, the patient remains in the clinic until she is completely recovered from anesthesia. A compressive bandage should be worn and physical activities should be carried out three weeks after silicone implant surgery.
  • Breast lowering or ptosis is corrected through silicone implants by means of silicone implant breast surgery, consisting of eliminating excess skin from the areolar zone that covers the breasts, towards the lower pole and sub mammary line (classical anchor-shaped incisions) lifting breasts and fixing breast deep tissues to a higher level.
  • Elevation of chests with cosmetic surgery you suck cosmetic surgery of chests.


Silicone implants for breasts, breast surgery aesthetics.
silicone implants

Elevation of breasts and breasts with silicone implants.
silicone implants

Breast lifting through surgery
  • In some cases, silicone implant cosmetic surgery or breast lifting with silicone implants does not imply bosom volume reduction, but the relocation of breasts to a higher level with silicone implants, after breast or bosom lowering due to important weight changes or repeated breastfeeding.







Chests elevation of bosoms implant of siliconas operation for breasts plastic cosmetic surgery plastic operation.

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Silicones in bosoms chests cosmetic surgery with silicones in chests you suck bosoms implant of silicones for aesthetic implants for elevation of bosoms you suck. Implants for elevation of chests cosmetic surgery of breasts surgery of elevation.