Rejuvenation with facial aesthetic surgery lifting rejuvenation rejuvenation facial. Surgery wrinkles by flaccidity of the face lifting aesthetics.
Lifting facial aesthetics of rejuvenation in the eyes of flaccidity. In the face surgical skin wrinkles in skin bags.

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Rejuvenation with lifting facial aesthetic surgery for facial rejuvenation lifting.  
Surgery for facial aesthetics of face and rejuvenation of wrinkles. Eyebrow Lifting
  • Facial cosmetic surgery and eyebrows lifting is performed under local anesthesia, ambulatory, through incisions in the scalp, over sideburns, in order that there are no remaining scars on the face. In facial cosmetic surgery and eyebrows lifting, there is a quick recovery and there are no marked feelings of discomfort on the face during post-operatory.
  • Surgical cosmetic lifting of eyebrows or eyebrows lifting is indicated in those cases of 
    marked falling of eyebrows and face flaccidity, especially in the outer portion of eyebrows, that brings an image of weariness in the eyes area.
  • Lifting surgery for facial wrinkles aesthetics of flaccidity in the face.
Facial rejuvenation with lifting of face and facial surgery.
facial lifting

Aesthetic surgery for facial rejuvenation with face and lifting.
facial lifting
Facial Lifting of Wrinkles and Flaccidity for Rejuvenation
  • Cosmetic surgery for facial rejuvenation or facial lifting, also known as face ritodoplasty, is a technique to reposition falling facial tissues, through the effects of time, sun exposure, wrinkles and flaccidity. Facial lifting or rejuvenation is performed under local anesthesia and sedation or general anesthesia, and it is generally done over the relaxed superficial muscular aponeurotic system of the face, taking it to the desired position, and then eliminating facial skin excess, thus performing a facial lifting or rejuvenation plastic surgery eliminating face wrinkles and flaccidity.








For the face surgery lifting of flabbiness and wrinkles with surgery.
facial rejuvenation

Lifting for facial rejuvenation surgery of the face and wrinkles.
facial rejuvenation
Facial Lifting for Wrinkles and Flaccidity Post-Operatory
  • This facial lifting or facial rejuvenation plastic surgery is generally performed with eyelid surgery or face blepharoplasty for face flaccidity and wrinkles.
  • Facial lifting or facial rejuvenation plastic surgery can be complemented with non-surgical treatments such as botox or injectable implants for filling face wrinkles and flaccidity. The final result from facial lifting or facial rejuvenation plastic surgery is visible within a period of 6 months, as in the case of most plastic surgeries or facial lifting.
  • In the facial lifting for wrinkles and flaccidity immediate post-operatory, surgical dressing is used and variable edemas or bruises disappear within 7 to 10 days after face surgery.







Rejuvenation the face by crow's feet wrinkles in surgery facial. Aesthetics eyelids crow's feet by lifting flaccidity.

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Lifting facial rejuvenation for facial lifting of aesthetics in the face by flabbiness by lifting facial wrinkles for rejuvenation of the face aesthetics of rejuvenation surgery. Surgery wrinkles flaccidity in the face of aesthetic surgery for flabbiness by wrinkles.