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Dental implant oral implantology placement courses teeth aesthetics of dentistry in oral implantology clinic.

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Dental implant tooth implant teeth for dental aesthetics.  
Placing dental aesthetics and dental clinic. Porcelain Filling
Old amalgam with macroscopically visible caries in the tooth, caries is fixed and a very conservative cavity is prepared, with no need of a porcelain crown, a porcelain filling is made in the same session. 

Implant teeth in dental implant courses.

Clinic aesthetic dentistry and dental placement.

Dental implant clinic in placement of teeth.

Pure Porcelain Crown
A new porcelain crown, made by the CAD-CAM, CEREC odontology system is placed into position. It has a good fitting and corresponding dental anatomy.

After a long time, caries is discovered by crown distal, it was decided to replace it by a porcelain crown.

Crown is removed, caries is fixed, and it is clean at once.








Implant teeth and aesthetics of teeth in clinic.

Courses aesthetic dentistry and implant placement.

Implant of teeth in clinical implant placement.

Dental Implant
Dental implant placement has achieved very natural aesthetics. These dental implants are also very anatomical for they enable good dental hygiene.

Dental implant placement due to lack of two front teeth caused by agenesis. Teeth were replaced by two Novel Biocare type dental implants; it is required to wait 6 months after implant placement.

After this period, a dental scarring dressing is placed to achieve dental gingival aesthetics and optimum restoration.

Porcelain teeth are placed over dental implants, thus avoiding healthy neighboring teeth from being worn out, in detriment of dental health.





Dental implant dentistry ongoing aesthetics.

Dental aesthetics and placement of teeth.

Dentistry aesthetics dental clinic aesthetics.

Immediate Porcelain Crown
Case is complete in just one session, a porcelain dental crown.

It presents coronary fracture with pulp exposure; root canal treatment was performed in the tooth at that moment.

Tooth is prepared for a porcelain crown by means of the CAD-CAM, CEREC odontology system, a porcelain dental crown -very natural and aesthetic- is made in the same session.








Placement of dental implants and teeth aesthetics. Dental aesthetics Porcelain Veneer
Dental whitening was performed on lower teeth to match the white shade of the porcelain shells or veneers on the upper teeth.
Case of a worn-out mouth affecting dental and functional aesthetics.

A change in color is observed and separate spaces create sensitivity to sweetness and coldness. Porcelain shells or veneers were placed on the teeth to restore lost dental aesthetics and good functioning.
Dental aesthetics in aesthetics dental clinic.

Clinic placement of implants and teeth

Dental Implants and Porcelain Crowns
In the same session, a dental permanent porcelain crown was placed through the CAD-CAM, CEREC odontology system.

Absence of lateral incisor tooth, a dental implant was previously immediately placed because the patient had enough jawbone available.





Dental implant and aesthetic dental clinic. Porcelain Bridge
Dental functional anatomy conveying harmony to the mouth. See gingival area with natural dental aesthetics.

Worn-out unattractive teeth with a change in color due to stains and old restorations.
The bridge metal does not reach the gum to achieve a more natural aesthetic result, avoiding the typical gingival black line.

Front bridge case.
Implant teeth and dental clinic aesthetics. Porcelain Veneer
This procedure does not destroy healthy teeth, as porcelain crowns do. It can be performed without anesthesia because it does not wear out dentin.
Smile stained by drugs taken by the patient during his childhood. He could not achieve a good whitening by conventional procedures.
Dental aesthetics and good functioning were attained by the use of porcelain shells or veneers.
Gingival adjustment, a more natural gum line.
Dental implant in courses implant teeth.

Implant teeth in dental clinic placement.

Porcelain filling
Restored tooth through porcelain filling, with good fitting, anatomy and aesthetics.

An unaesthetic dental amalgam, with filtrations, with no dental anatomy, fractured proximal due to food accumulation.





Courses dental implant and dental aesthetics.

Courses aesthetics dental and dental implant.

Porcelain Veneer
There is a minimum wear and no anesthesia is required while placing porcelain shells.

The patient presents diastem on the teeth front sector, which is corrected by the use of porcelain shells.





Dental implant and aesthetics in clinical implant.

Implant teeth in dentistry courses.

Aesthetic dental and dental implant placement.

Porcelain Filling
Cemented filling or implant with good dental fitting, very aesthetic and functional.

As the patient had an amalgam, which was very visible while speaking, he decided to replace it by a porcelain dental amalgam, without the need for anesthesia and only the amalgam is removed.

Complete preparation, without ruining the healthy tooth.









Implant teeth and placement in dental clinic.

Courses aesthetic dentistry and dental aesthetics.

Dental aesthetics with Porcelain Veneer
This result is achieved by the use of CAD-CAM, CEREC Dentistry.

The patient has an abnormal tooth shape and presents a fracture in the dental incisal edge, by the collocation of porcelain shells on teeth, unnecessary wear and anesthesia are avoided.

Porcelain shells give a very natural look and do not affect teeth health.




Dental implant and aesthetics in dental clinic.

Aesthetic teeth and placement of teeth.

Dental implant clinic in aesthetics and placement.

Porcelain Veneer
After porcelain shells or veneers are placed on teeth, these are whiter and larger, and veneers have a perfect fitting.

The patient needs to reshape incisor teeth making them larger, longer and whiter, which is possible by means of the CAD-CAM odontological system in the same session.

Enamel surface is prepared with no need of anesthesia; an optical digital impression is taken by scanning the tooth.








Placement of teeth with dental implants and aesthetics. Porcelain Filling
It has a perfect fitting and it is performed in one session.

The patient has an old unaesthetic amalgam with filtrations; he already feels sensitivity to coldness and sweetness. The amalgam is substituted by dental filling or porcelain dental onlay.
For placement of dental prosthesis courses whitening dental implant prosthesis clinic aesthetics in whitening teeth.

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